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  • Release time: 2017 - 05 - 22
    1.设备能力 适用最大尺寸:5000 X 1700 X 1000mm单挂最大承重:500KG。标准节拍:4分钟/挂;   即:15挂/小时生产时间:200分钟日工作时长(双班)日最大产能(双班)烤炉最高温度:250度 2.产品开发具体流程step1  接到客户图纸或式样详细了解客户产品质量需求,了解产品质量的关键控制点;step2  安排打样,测试根据客户样品要求,组织评审开具样品流程单;step3  样品产品提供客户,评估报价将打好样的产品提供供给客户进行相应质量评估,根据产品特性及相应工艺进行报价评估;step4  开发挂具,转入批量生产开发挂具,制定相应的 PPAP 文件, 向生产部门发放相应的的生产控制计划 ,进行批量生产准备。实验仪器实验能力第三方性能测试
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Address:No.158 Yongjia Road Chinese Changsha in Hunan Province, Ningxiang City Economic Development Zone 

About Us Development history

In 1998, Suzhou City, Jiangsu province Kunshan county Road 4, the establishment of private Kunshan dongfanglong machine equipment Co. Ltd. is mainly engaged in furniture, electronic products, automotive vehicle electrophoretic coating and metal electrophoresis equipment manufacturing

In 2005 the establishment of Tianjin dongfanglong coating equipment Co. Ltd. in Beichen District of Tianjin City, the company covers an area of 40 Mu, mainly engaged in processing, the anode electrophoresis surface processing, production and manufacture of coating equipment

Kunshan Ruizheng metal products Co. Ltd., Founded in 2011 in Suzhou Kunshan, is a set of electronic products, auto parts, hardware and other mechanical parts production and sales, as well as professional metal surface treatment as one of the specialized company. The company has standard workshop area of 4500 square meters, with two Independent automatic electrophoresis production lines, one sublight color production line, is a company with black light, Matt, color ED electrophoresis processing enterprises, to undertake a variety of electrophoresis processing business

Changsha RuiZheng Coating Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, registered capital: 10 million, the company covers an area of 24000 square meters, is a professional engaged in electrophoresis surface treatment of high-tech enterprises. Mainly engaged in coating equipment, assembly line production and sales, electrophoresis, electrostatic spraying, auto parts and hardware products production and marketing. Mainly for the Changsha electrophoresis processing, as well as central China electrophoresis processing, electrophoresis coating equipment manufacturing business

In January 2015, cast a smooth electrophoresis tank; successful trial production, and become BYD, GAC MITSUBISHI, GAC FCA supplier quality approval

In December 2016, the first phase of the new plant in Changsha Ruizheng Coating Technologies CO.,LTD.was put into production

In August 2017, the two phase of the new plant started.

Address:No.158 Yongjia Road Chinese Changsha in Hunan Province, Ningxiang City Economic Development Zone 
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